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PK Idea

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For the past couple months I started to PK ingame since I enjoy it. About a week ago some pro player wanted to fight me (Top 3, in #classement_pvp). We wanted to fight without ancou. Though there is no way to know if the other player has an ancou or not.

That being said, i do like the idea of Ancous, players who work hard for there items can save them upon death, which is only fair.

I'm aware some players will say no right away, just for the mere fact that they are not interested or I have killed them in the past. Though whenever I die I will lose my items aswell, wouldn't you like to see that? :o

I realized alot of higher level players just play for experience. It's like a race on who can level the quickest, or get the most total levels. While there is nothing wrong with that, not everybody's play style is similar. They partially achieve that through no loss of items, since they don't need to waste time to re-acquire them. Although at the same time, it's devaluing the items since more and more players are getting them and hence they are not needed, such as dragon scales.

Is it possible to have a map or an arena where Ancous don't work even if you have one on you? So if it was in your inventory there would be a chance to lose it too?

It can be multi or non-multi.. so meaning only 1 player can attack you a time, or multiple.
If there was a map where you would lose your items, to encourage players to go, you can make a high risk high reward system.. such as having x3 giants on the map (Which doesn't exist anywhere ingame).

An idea like this would allow players to risk during fights if they wish too. Both parties can always risk losing items if they went to the map at there own will.

Cheers :)

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Re: PK Idea

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I think you make a good "résumé" of the actual system. Most of people which are going in PK zones are just looking for maximising their experience.
Making a special place where Ancous are not impacting the death can be easily added, in a map or arena like u suggest.
According new monster spots with high risk high reward system, it's already the case with all x3 spawns which are all in PK.
I would like to know what's people thoughts about creating for example : x4 spawns of monsters where Ancou doesn't work ?
Will they go there or not ?
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